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There’s nothing like the roar of the crowd after a touchdown or the sound of money in the bank- and I’m a fan of both! For the last six years I’ve learned how to identify the OTC’s top players and take the right action at the right time to turn a profit. There’s no “I” in team, so I tip off my newsletter subscribers to game-winning market trading ideas for a touchdown of their own.

The Stock Market Release newsletter gives subscribers the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of the best opportunities and build a valuable position ahead of the big money crowd. My “Super Picks” are high-potential plays that are undervalued with plenty of room to grow.

The OTC can be the most profitable market, but only when it’s done right. Most promoters pick all kinds of garbage. Because 95% of the companies in this arena are going to fail, to say your chances of picking winners from this group are slim is an understatement.

Standing apart from all of the stock picks and recommendations in today’s investment world, Stock Market Release is committed to identifying the best stocks on the OTC market, only featuring companies that meet select criteria.

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Due to the significant resources I devote to these companies, I can only pick a few companies a year that I feel meet the criteria of a “Super Pick.” I will have other trades for you to earn quick profits, as well as options, earnings plays, and offer many other trading strategies that could make you a lot of money, not to mention put a huge smile on your face!!

Don’t wait, my next stock pick will be coming out soon and while I can’t guarantee where it’s going, I think this one could go up 1500% and it will not cost you a fortune to establish a large position. After all, my service is all about helping investors get in on the ground floor of the best opportunities and build a valuable position ahead of the big money crowd. A $2,000 dollar investment in my next pick, could earn you a minimum of $6,000 dollars in profits.

Join now and I hope you get in on the fun, but if you don’t buy my pick, at least watch it, so you can see that I am the real deal. Plus, I am currently writing a book on the OTC market for Investors and, upon completion, I will provide complimentary copies to my subscribers. Good luck and let’s TRADE to Win!

P.S. I do not give out, rent or sell my subscriber lists, for any reason, ever.


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